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Merry Christmas and all the best for New Year 2018


Staff member
yea and to you guys too, will have to get a few of us back together this year, i still speak with Des but i am mostly playing GTA 5 online with my bro Rod.

As for the ESO guild a few decided to leave and do their own thing and i was not really playing the game full time so it is all finished.

Neal when your about next will need to discuss comms as our free ts server is no longer available and most of us hate discord. I will probably end up buying a 20 slot at some point as me and rod currently on some american server with a GTA 5 mate.

hope 2018 is a great one for us all!


Staff member
Just get a new TS server up and running. I personally do prefer TS.

I'll be back on a new PC quite soon so will join in whatever we are playing on. Shame about the ESO guild but hey ho ;)