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Hello guys. I'd like to show u a tactic for the twins that i saw with another team and i find rather clear and easy, once ppl get the idea of it.

vMOL Twin boss positioning and movement.jpg
My "piece of art" explanation:

The idea is to have both bosses always tanked on the same spot.
After the initial pull and when both groups have their colors, the right side tank picks up the Light boss and this boss should be always tanked on the RIGHT side, while the Dark boss should be always tanked on the LEFT side of the room (the yellow and blue stars).
Shortly after the start of the fight, 3 players of each team are going to get random color swap (u'll see a small circle under ur feet) and they need to move ASAP to their new team. The yellow curved line shows the movement of the guys that are initially fighting the Dark boss. Likewise, the blue line shows how the guys that fight the Light boss are supposed to run. This is to make sure players with different colors won't cross and blow themselves up.
At some point the bosses will teleport to the edges of the room. Each team is to run to the boss they were fighting (this means either stay in the same half of the room u were, or cross RUNNING IN A STRAIGHT LINE FROM UR POSITION and not all through the middle with will result in a BOOOOOOM). During that phase we are going to get new colors. But as we already know where the bosses will be tanked, we just follow our tank to our new position - both teams are going to
move according to the light blue lines, or according to the purple lines, NEVER crossing their paths.
Rinse and repeat.

The Light boss is a Templar, he applies randomly a dot similar to the Sun fire skill. The same dot is applied by the white adds. It is nasty and ticks for more with each tick and can kill players before it runs off if they take damage from other sources too (negate, adds and so on). PURGE cleances it. Witch is why tanks and healers should have it slotted.

Also healers should always announces color swap, cos they may both end up with the same group and one of them has to cross heal then.
few notes on tactics above.
it will be good if dark boss tank stay closer to the wall if and when it is possible so that negates are placed away from the path that color swapped ppl has to use.
color swap is announced by the game with text msg at the bottom of the screen at about same position where you get grp invites etc. so if you see that message you will know to expect color swap and pay attention for cycle bellow your feet. ride notifier addon is quite useful for color swap warnings
as in many other trial fights adds have higher priority then bosses but highest priority is to stay alive.
exploding entire group in big fat KABOOOM even thou it is fun, it is counterproductive ;)
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Thanks, I really like this strat. Looks much easier to implement since basically people have less things to worry about. Mostly just their own color swap.
Let's practice this dry with folks before the next time we try, just so everybody gets a clear picture of what they are supposed to do.